Saving Money in your twenties

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Your twenties are a period of self-revelation. More than some other decade it is the first time when many of us are living freely and striving to construct satisfying professions. We are forging friendships that we expect will endure forever.

But, Living in the 21st century is itself a big change in our living. When you start living Independently you are loaded with responsibilities like paying for the rental house, bills, debts and managing all other needed expenses bounds you to step out for your dreams. Every millennial face these things at this age, there is nothing surprising and new. Basically at your age people still have manageable expenses. As all their own responsibilities need to fulfill and maybe partial, but not the whole family. But as time passes responsibilities arise. However, the source of money may rise along- but after fulfilling all the commitments a very little left in hand to save. So, it’s better to start saving earlier.

The age of twenties is the best time for saving money

Taking you back to your old cherished childhood days. I guess It was the real independent days of life with no worries and bounds. But, Remember? How did you save for those little dreams of a small age? In your piggy bank Or in that Gullak which you used to stare every day and keep waiting for the day it is filled- to get your favorite thing from your own savings. That feeling was proud and real. But, one thing is true that your habits change as you grow. You stopped saving when you started getting pocket money and still you are great at spending.

Yes, most people of the young generation(the twenties)are much fonder of spending money. They often have a misconception that saving money is sacrificing enjoyment. True, but not totally. We all have evidence for the fact that at some or the other point of time, that practice we start at early age last lifelong.

Therefore once one gets habituated with saving money at an early age will never stop it and this practice will help him/her to save money lifelong securing life for all age. But sacrificing a little to save will bring in a great change in their future- The realization is important. Once you realize you start worrying about the security if you still need to save in Gullak or the time-period of your savings if you choose savings in the account. Choose the most secure and flexible savings platform. I would suggest MPW(My Piggy Wallet)- India’s fist easy steady saving application. It helps you to save anytime from anywhere and also you are free to withdraw whenever you need money.

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