Presenting you My Piggy Wallet

piggy wallet india's first saving wallet

Savings, remember, is the prerequisite of investment. If you grew up in those good old days where your parents gave you pocket money. And you’d save every rupee in your piggy wallet. At the end of tenure, we saw that every coin saved became a large amount.

How about Introducing you to a new piggy bank of your age? Yes, a Millenials PIGGY WALLET, a new generation PIGGY BANK when no one dares to save.  The dominant thinking of our age is materialistic. So, Instead of paying EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) why not go for EMS (Equated Monthly saving). Every Millenial knows ‘Saving entails sacrifice‘ and it’s always worth aspiring, maybe that’s why it brings rewards.

Introducing a New generation Piggy Wallet

A thing must be running in your mind – What is a PIGGY WALLET? It is an E-wallet which helps you to save for your dreams and to make your dream come true. All of the other wallets help you to make your transactions easy with the help of the digital medium. But, none of them Help you to save for your Aspirations. Our PIGGY WALLET does, from easy withdrawals to save for the things you want it helps you to START SAVING with exclusive offers and rewards.

MY PIGGY WALLET just meant to make your wishes count. It is all you need for the aspirations in life weather it is the wish to have an iPhone, Or to gift a Diamond ring to your mother this birthday. From saving for your Son/Daughter’s College education to their success party surprise, we stand by your side helping you to save for the things you aspire. Because these small dreams have great value in life.

Saving is a good choice

Those who save always have the things at the end. If tomorrow you face a problem -you lose your job or your business, you know you can survive until the situation improves or you start another business, this time with firm foundations. Some people complain about being financially unstable, yet they use their last savings to acquire material things. Some people are often procrastinators, so they continuously tell themselves they’ll save later. To take the pressure off, these kinds of consumers can benefit from setting up automatic withdrawals each month. This gives you no choice but to save, so you can stop making excuses to put it off again and again.

Most of the people are unable to save for their aspirations- And might think of increased wealth as a chance to seek status symbols or lifestyle upgrades. Instead, one should use his newly acquired wealth to break free from old habits. Your piggy wallet can help in all your odds to solve and in all your good times to celebrate. No matter where you are in life, begin saving today and you’ll be that much further ahead tomorrow.

We help you To SAVE for your DREAMS.

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