Start saving for the smartest and the latest tech gadgets in the game. Along with oodles of fun and games, your gadgets make you the object of envy. Show off the latest wireless earpods, starting from Rs. 3500, and smartwatches, starting from under Rs. 5000, or splurge on the latest iPhone in the market!

The most realistic aspirant Saves for a rainy day. Your emergency fund should ideally be able to cover your expenses for the next 6 months (calculate by figuring out monthly expenditure, and multiplying it by 6). Using this as a rule of thumb, not only does emergency funds help during unforeseen times of being laid off, but it can always be used to take care of emergencies such as household repairs or hospital bills.





Fast-fashion goes out of style fast. Save and invest in durable statement pieces or reliable basics that last, and also make your wardrobe less messy. A good pair of Diesel jeans start at around Rs. 5000, whereas everyday sneakers from Armani Exchange may be comfortably priced at around Rs. 7000.

Feel great and look great with everlasting high-end pieces from the best brands in the world. Save for luxury brands GUESS, HUGO BOSS, ARMANI EXCHANGE, LACOSTE, MARC JACOBS, STEVE MADDEN which offer a wide set of items with Michael Kors luxury bags starting at Rs. 30,000 and Guess watches starting from Rs. 7000 (approx. figures). 




All aspects of skincare, hair, make-up, wellness and personal care come together to leave a glow on your appearance. Prioritise mental health and overall wellness with us and begin saving for your Sephora haul with makeup palettes and three-step skin care products starting at around Rs. 3000.

Appreciating your near and dear ones has its own rewards. Start a saving goal to gift your special people heartfelt tokens of appreciation for their special days – or make a regular day special for them with shiny options such as the Tanishq 18KT Gold and Diamond Stud earrings (starting at around Rs. 5000 ) or fragrances such as the Bvlgari Man in Black Perfume Gift Set (starting from around Rs. 6000).




The most exhilarating word to hear in the English dictionary has to be “vacation”. Celebrate your successful period of saving with an exotic stay in Bali with 5* Hotels charging approx 308 USD / 22,030.29 INR per person for 6 nights/ 7 days (costs also include Daily Breakfast and Airport-Hotel-Airport transfer)

Only a pet owner will know that taking care of our furry buddies comes with some financial challenges. Your best friend deserves the best, so why not start a separate savings account with us for your buddy’s care and amusement? Apart from the initial vaccination charges (ranging from Rs. 1000-2000) and other possible surgical procedures like neutering and spaying (ranging from Rs. 3000-5000), the monthly expenditure on a happy pet’s food and grooming should be about Rs. 3000. 



Adults with their own kids, especially young parents, will benefit most from starting savings. Other than organising and adapting to their new lives, they are also saving for the future of more than just one. Investing in your children could be long-term (saving funds for boarding school, a private college education etc.) or it may initially just involve short-term goals that meet the monthly basic needs and hospital bills of an infant. The cost of bringing up a child during the earlier years is estimated to be about Rs. 6 lakh per year.

Let your home reflect your creativity and your attitude. Whether your taste is more minimalist or artsy, there is a lot you can invest on to make your home always feel like the place you want to be. For revamping your home, the list of things you can add and change can be endless – furnishings, bed linens, bath linens, house plants, curtains, vases and showpieces, rugs, cookware, candles, table covers, little knick knacks, organisers… all depending on your budget! 
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Millenials and shoes have had an ongoing love affair for a long time now. A good pair of shoes definitely makes a statement, and has the power to speak for you. Loving a pair of louboutins don’t make one materialistic — they are the foundation of any fashionable youth’s wardrobe. How fashionable can one really look in an Armani suit and a Gucci Dress, if paired with shabby shoes? On the other hand, any casual attire paired with the right shoes can save the look. (Case in mind – Propah lady campaign by Puma) Trending shoe obsessions and fashionable individuals go hand-in-hand. Begin saving and start your fashionista journey with a good pair of shoes for your wardrobe.

Today, we live in a “Forever 21” or “Walmart world” of fast-fashion and fast-gratification. An average woman cannot easily afford luxury pieces that she wishes to hold–our hearts and wallets tremble at the thought of LV, Chanel, Gucci and Hermes totes. Patience is what made these centre-of-attention and patience is what will get them. A Luxury Bag is 21st century’s ultimate sword of honor–not only for supermodels and celebrities, but even for the working woman. Strut your worth, and honor yourself by saving for a designer piece to ornament your shoulder.


Start Up

We’ve Started this to Help you for your startup for business. Business is always considered better than a Job because you can apply your ideas and add value to YOUR products. You work for Yourself in a Business. Everyone would prefer to have a business if it’s that easy. The first step for a business is to generate CAPITAL. And, you Need to SAVE to CREATE a business. Start saving with us  today if you aspire to be your own Boss. THE PIGGY WALLET helps you to Achieve.

The ultimate symbol of all that is precious and screams “wealth” from the rooftops — is jewelry. Many of us thrive on material gifts and, needless to say, jewelry as a gifting option is one of the most appreciated forms if there ever was one. Most jewelry pieces, especially gifts, carry sentimental value for wearers, and are usually passed down through generations — far from being a mere materialistic buy. Save to buy gorgeous jewelled pieces to adorn yourself and dazzle others with – or even turn them into family heirlooms that never go out of style!



A luxury watch isn’t just a device that displays time, it is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. Most working professionals would never miss the opportunity to flaunt a Rolex watch on their first promotion — probably hinting that time has been good to them? A grandmother may still be wearing her time watch from her college years. A watch goes a long way. Spending on a luxury watch to ooze class and sophistication- it’s nothing to feel guilty about! Save (without dipping into your monthly budget) for a luxury watch and flaunt it for years.

Similar to nice clothes and shoes, simply wearing fragrances can also make you more attractive even before the beholder has seen the beauty. A particular aroma or perfume has the power to make you be perceived as a more masculine, feminine, sophisticated or sexy dynamite. Perfumes are a classic solution to feeling rich, especially with the unique smell and hint of class left tingling in the air by the luxe brands. It can be the key to confidence, comfort and keeps you a step above the crowd.